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Senior Fullstack Engineer at Sabanto

The first cohort was a great learning experience, and Casey helped me reframe my thinking about the engineering levels from IC, manager, manager of managers to executive.

He provided many insights I've never encountered before (and I'm a voracious reader), mainly because they were distilled from his own experience and deconstruction of the problem of how to be an effective leader.

His content was exactly what I was looking for: specific, detailed, end-to-end, and actionable. His teaching style of being present, engaging, and willing to expand on any topic with appropriate case studies made the learning process extremely efficient.

He introduced principles and mental models that covered game theory, systems thinking, first-principles thinking, making decisions like a machine learning model, and decision-making heuristics—skills needed for high-stakes decision-making under stress and time pressure. It is rare to find this specialized knowledge anywhere.


Insights on how to continue performing at an elite level when faced with uncertainty.

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