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Am I able to learn all this for free on the Internet?

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In theory, you absolutely can. In fact, you can get quite far with pure grit and no budget.

For many this is the default approach to learning, but it’s kind of painful.

  • Solving the “known, unknowns” takes longer than it has to if you purely DIY
  • For the “unknown, unknowns”, it can go unaddressed for a long time, possibly forever

In practice, the overall signal-to-noise ratio is not great.

A distribution would roughly look like:

  • 80% - trite wisdom, clickbait or advice that’s flat-out wrong
  • 15% - decent content that’s only useful under the specific set of conditions, which are not explicitly mentioned (i.e. cheap tactics)
  • 4% - that’s noteworthy and worth thinking more deeply about — has context and nuance.
  • 1% - that’s exceptional and hitting on the “big 3 of content creation” (i.e. educational, inspirational, AND entertaining) all while staying authentic.

The underlying premise of Expanded Skills is to improve the overall signal-to-noise ratio one interaction at a time.


Insights on how to continue performing at an elite level when faced with uncertainty.

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