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Stay competitive when faced with uncertainty

Instead of being fearful, be excited for what's next.


Thrive when faced with uncertainty

Item 1

Make Sharper Decisions

Systematize your thought process and have the conviction to go all-in on the 10% that matters.

Item 2

Navigate Messy Transitions

Big breakthroughs are built on a foundation of small, but necessary adjustments to your mindset and skillset.

Item 3

Develop Mental Toughness

How we operate during crunch time is 90% of what sets elite performers apart.


Manage Uncertainty

Founder's Story

In just under 10 years, I progressed from a non-traditional background to Head of Engineering in F500 companies.

On the surface, it looked like smooth sailing. Behind the scenes, it was filled with chaos, uncertainty and change.

The one constant was the need to adapt when faced with uncertainty, guiding me through several career transitions:

  • Finance to Tech: I had never written a single line of code before age 24.
  • Individual Contributor to Management: Within 2 years, I was managing teams while switching technical domains.
  • Leading Teams to B2B Sales: Transitioned from enabling teams to defining and generating work itself.
  • Head of Engineering in F500 to Entrepreneurship: My wife and I now run 2 businesses that are polar opposites — a local physical products business and a global digital business (i.e this one!).

At Expanded Skills, we consolidate these hard-earned lessons into one place, ensuring you’re excited rather than fearful of what’s next.

What others are saying

Casey is an extraordinary individual. His internalization and understanding of complex situations, entrepreneurship, corporate workings and mental pitfalls is unmatched. All this is backed with experience and accomplishments which I why I enjoy working with Casey so much. He helped me to understand my career path, provided a new perspective and helped me reach my professional goals.

My interactions with Casey have been truly transformative, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. In times of uncertainty, Casey is my trusted compass. His care and dedication are evident in every interaction.

Testimonial author


CTO at Verbaly

I had 2 sessions with Casey, where I discussed with him my aspiration. He carefully understood my short-term as well as long-term goals and provided me with a well-planned strategy for achieving both. Breaking my goals into tangible milestones, I now have a clear path and know what to do next.

Casey really is a wonderful coach and I'm glad I got a chance to connect with him.

Testimonial author


VP at Goldman Sachs

I have been working with Casey for a while now. On everything from difficult decisions like navigating career changes to tactical ways to approach difficult conversations.

Casey has been invaluable when needing to overcome overthinking and analysis paralysis and really get to what matters. Casey is a super high-level thinker who I would highly recommend.

Testimonial author


Engineering at Immutable

The first cohort was a great learning experience, and Casey helped me reframe my thinking about the engineering levels from IC, manager, manager of managers to executive.

He provided many insights I've never encountered before (and I'm a voracious reader), mainly because they were distilled from his own experience and deconstruction of the problem of how to be an effective leader.

His content was exactly what I was looking for: specific, detailed, end-to-end, and actionable. His teaching style of being present, engaging, and willing to expand on any topic with appropriate case studies made the learning process extremely efficient.

He introduced principles and mental models that covered game theory, systems thinking, first-principles thinking, making decisions like a machine learning model, and decision-making heuristics—skills needed for high-stakes decision-making under stress and time pressure. It is rare to find this specialized knowledge anywhere.

Testimonial author


Senior Fullstack Engineer at Sabanto

I recently enrolled in Casey's transformative course, and it's been a game-changer for both my career and personal development.

One standout aspect of the course is Casey's profound insight into decision-making processes, which completely revolutionized my approach to leadership. By adopting Casey's mental model, I've gained invaluable clarity on strategic decision-making, enabling me to consistently drive my projects toward success.

Casey's expertise has fast-tracked my progress, saving me considerable time and effort that I would have otherwise spent navigating these challenges alone.

If you're looking to elevate your strategic decision-making and make meaningful strides in your career, I highly recommend working with Casey

Testimonial author


Project Lead at Intelerad Medical Systems

I’ve known Casey for over a year now. During that time, I’ve benefited from his mentorship both in a 1-on-1 setting as his mentee and through his course “Operate Like an Engineering Leader”.

Casey has a combination of traits and experience that make him unique. His experience in tech, consulting, finance and entrepreneurship at different levels gives him a broad and deep pool of knowledge to draw upon.

He gives no-nonsense advice, is genuinely helpful, and makes himself accessible to the people relying on him.

With Casey, I’ve gotten a lot better at salary negotiation, networking, and goal-setting. Above all, Casey helps you make better decisions by clarifying goals, inputs, and outputs and cutting out the noise.

Testimonial author


Data Engineer at CI Financial

Casey is one of the most insightful people in the tech industry, and it shows in the ultra-high quality of advice he gives! He has a ton of experience, especially across leadership roles, and has such an interesting background!

Testimonial author


CTO at Taro


Manage Uncertainty


Those who get the most value are ambitious high performers who regularly deal with uncertainty and face high-stakes situations.

In the modern economy, uncertainty & high stakes are concentrated within a handful of domains.

  1. Tech - change is the only constant and constant change drives volatility
  2. Consulting - you get called when sh*t hits the fan and is expect you to come with answers.
  3. Sales - when no amount of preparation feels enough to close the deal.
  4. Financiers - if you move money around professionally, your rewards are directly tied to managing volatility.
  5. Entrepreneurs - you allocate and organize resources, basically a financier for your own venture.

Absolutely not.

Technical expertise within your domain is table stakes. It sets the bar for your baseline performance.

From there, your ability to deal with uncertainty and make sharper decisions will determine how consistently you perform above that baseline when faced with adversity.

In fact, those who unlock the most value are high performers who face a lot of tough decisions and are looking to grow their competitive edge.

In theory, you absolutely can. In fact, you can get quite far with pure grit and no budget.

For many this is the default approach to learning, but it’s kind of painful.

  • Solving the “known, unknowns” takes longer than it has to if you purely DIY
  • For the “unknown, unknowns”, it can go unaddressed for a long time, possibly forever

In practice, the overall signal-to-noise ratio is not great.

A distribution would roughly look like:

  • 80% - trite wisdom, clickbait or advice that’s flat-out wrong
  • 15% - decent content that’s only useful under the specific set of conditions, which are not explicitly mentioned (i.e. cheap tactics)
  • 4% - that’s noteworthy and worth thinking more deeply about — has context and nuance.
  • 1% - that’s exceptional and hitting on the “big 3 of content creation” (i.e. educational, inspirational, AND entertaining) all while staying authentic.

The underlying premise of Expanded Skills is to improve the overall signal-to-noise ratio one interaction at a time.


Insights on how to continue performing at an elite level when faced with uncertainty.

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